Promo Fare

(?) Are there any Promo Fares at Xpress Air?
(+) Promo Fares currently listed on this website are the best available rates offered by Xpress Air flights. However, kindly note that for these fares, seats are generally limited and therefore subject to availability. Fares for these rates may change from time to time without prior notice.

(?) What is the actual and final fare?
(+) The airfare displayed is of the final price that already Includes 10% VAT applicable and an Insurance surcharge (per sector)

(?) I have a Surprise Fare ticket; can I re-route?
(+) Re-routing on a Surprise Fare Ticket is not permitted.

(?) What is the best departure time to obtain a low fare on Xpress Air?
(+) The fare is generally lower for flights that take off during mid to late mornings & mid afternoons. This, again, depends on the destination.

(?) Can I purchase a Promo Airfare from outside of Indonesia?
(+) Surprise Fares can only be purchased within Indonesia; from a Travel Agent or Xpress Air branch office.

(?) What is the best day of the week to obtain a low fare on Xpress Air?
(+) Usually, Wednesday!