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(?) What is a CHILD or INFANT FARE?
(+) A Child fare is applicable to a child who has completed his/her 2nd year but not his/her 12th birthday. An Infant fare is applicable to a child who has not completed his/her 2nd birthday.

(?) How do I get more information on the different fares and rates offered at Xpress Air?
(+) You can either contact us directly by calling the Xpress Air Call Center at 500890 or get in touch with any Xpress Air sales office or travel agencies.

(?) Why do ticket fares keep changing?
(+) The airfare is an ongoing changeable rate at every airline. This is to accommodate to the competitive market and growing customer needs.

(?) What does the term "ticket flexibility" mean?
(+) "Ticket Flexibility" shows you the ticket rules/conditions attached to tickets and airfare you have purchased, in the case of change of date, time, flight, etc. The flexibility of the ticket depends on the airfare chosen by the passenger.

(?) Why is there a diverse range of airfare for the same destination?
(+) This is done to provide specific services to passengers of various segments. We are aware that our passengers have different priorities and the extensive fare range ensures that every passenger have their needs covered.

(?) What is the difference between "Normal Class" and "Flexi Class"?
(+) The "Normal class" is an airfare plan that caters to price-oriented tourists while the "Flexi Class" offers flexibility for business travellers.

(?) I have a refundable Xpress Air ticket, which I wont be using. How do I process a refund?
(+) Unless specified in the fare rules and conditions, any Domestic ticket is refundable. The process can be done directly at the Xpress Air sales office or travel agency that originally processed the ticket bookings and payments. For further information, please call the Xpress Air Call Center at 500890 or any Xpress Air sales office or your travel agent.

(?) How long does it take to process a refund?
(+) If the ticket was issued and processed for a refund at the same Xpress Air ticketing office, then the refund will take an approximate time of 2 weeks. The process may take longer if a travel agent issued the ticket.

(?) Is it possible to up-grade my class to a higher one?
(+) Yes! Go to the nearest Xpress Air sales office or call the Xpress Air Call Center at 500890 to re-evaluate the fare and upgrade the ticket accordingly.

(?) What is the easiest way to purchase an Xpress Air ticket?
(+) There are 4 different methods of purchase!

  • You can use the Xpress Air on-line payment system: Bank Mandiri  ATM, Bank Mandiri Internet Banking, Bank Mandiri  Mobile Banking, or a Visa or MasterCard credit card.
  • You can purchase a ticket online through our website.
  • You can contact any Xpress Air Sales Office.
  • You can get in touch with your trusted travel agency.

(?) How can an airline ticket be purchased without an ATM card or credit card?
(+) Cash payments are accepted at any Xpress Air branch office or at any travel agency. Click here for list of Xpress Air branch offices.

(?) I lost my ticket. What do I do?
(+) If you cant seem to find your electronic ticket document, call any Xpress Air branch office or your travel agency issuing office to re-print another one with as simple as your identity proof. For further information call Xpress Air Call Center at 500890, or visit the nearest Xpress Air sales office or travel agent.