"Xpress Air takes over Five Routes from Batavia Air"
13 Aug 2013  |  4:12

From East to West and South and North! That is the vision of Xpress Air's future. After successfully catering to the eastern countries of Indonesia, Xpress takes its first new leap and takes over five routes from Batavia Air.

The routes that is now operated by Xpress Air, which are no more operated by Batavia Air, are as follows:



Batam-Bandar Lampung

Bandar Lampung-Jakarta


The interesting key point to be noted is that Xpress Air had been more than glad to accommodate to those with Batavia air tickets in hand, to still fly with Xpress Air, with no extra charges. Probably for a mark of goodwill? Why not! This shows a new level of commitment and customer-satisfaction building.

So, for those of you who still remember Xpress Air as a sole eastern flying airline, get ready for its new look of success with the new routes coming up!

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