Air Chartered

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Charter Services

  • Crew Change (Oil and Gas, offshore, mining)
    Crew exchanges normally take place in remote areas with no easy access to scheduled flights. We offer Crew Changes Solutions for Oil & Gas Companies, Offshore and Mining Changes that are Safe, Timely and Cost-friendly.
  • Medical Evacuation
    We know how important both family and health are and for this we assist in air charter for sudden medical evacuations that can be needed. We provide valued air charters to our customers, managed by qualified and experienced personnel.
  • Spot charter
    Need to go somewhere remote? Or are you pressed for time and do not want to waste it on baggage claims and other such formlities? Our Spot Charter Program is just perfect for those who need a jet every once in a while. The leasing fee is calculated time-based, with a 3 hour minimum charter
  • Dedicated (long term)
    Let the experience of our team and the ease of our formalities aid you with your long term air chartering needs. The Dedicated or Long Term Air Charter program is tailored-service to exactly suit your needs, time-span and budget.


Available for:

Short Period ( less than 1 year)

Medium Period (1-3 years)

Long term Period ( more than 3 years)